Ngawi - Through Pupuk Indonesia, the Government Ensures Fertilizer Availability for Farmers.

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  • 28 January2024
  • 20:15WIB

Ngawi, January 17, 2024 - Agriculture is a sector that significantly contributes to Indonesia's economy. The success of this sector is inseparable from the efforts of farmers who have worked hard to support national food security. To maintain the contribution of the agricultural sector, the government continues to ensure the availability of fertilizers, both subsidized and non-subsidized.

President Joko Widodo's government shows a strong commitment to farmers, particularly through the fertilizer subsidy program, with an annual allocation of around Rp 25 trillion prepared by the government to assist farmers in obtaining affordable fertilizers. In 2024, the government plans to increase the allocation of fertilizer subsidies by Rp 14 trillion to benefit more farmers.

Not stopping there, the government also simplifies the mechanism for redeeming subsidized fertilizers using only the National Identity Card (KTP). This is expected to be utilized by all farmers to meet their fertilizer needs.

The Director of Operations and Production at PT Petrokimia Gresik, Digna Jatiningsih, stated that the government not only provides subsidized fertilizers to farmers but also guarantees the availability of non-subsidized fertilizers.

"The government, through Pupuk Indonesia, ensures the availability of fertilizers throughout Indonesia, both subsidized and non-subsidized. The government assists in obtaining fertilizers easily to support the accelerated planting program at the beginning of 2024," expressed Digna.

To ensure fertilizer availability, the government, particularly the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises and the Ministry of Agriculture through Pupuk Indonesia, is organizing the Fertilizer Discount Festival in various cities/districts during January to February 2024.

"During this planting season, the government has made various efforts to support farmers in achieving optimal results in the upcoming harvest season. The 2024 Fertilizer Discount Festival is organized by Pupuk Indonesia in collaboration with the government in various cities from January to February 2024. This series of events aims to ensure the availability of fertilizers for farmers and provide convenience for farmers to obtain fertilizers during this planting season," said Digna.

In the Fertilizer Discount Festival, the government has assigned Pupuk Indonesia to meet the needs of non-subsidized fertilizers and encourage farmers to redeem fertilizers, including by preparing non-subsidized fertilizers at affordable prices.

In order to provide support to farmers in Temanggung Regency through this Fertilizer Discount Festival, a special initiative has been launched to facilitate their access to non-subsidized fertilizers. Through this activity, each farmer is entitled to receive 25 kg of urea nitrate and 25 kg of NPK Phonska in one package containing 50 kg of fertilizer.

The government also consistently ensures the availability of subsidized and non-subsidized fertilizer stocks, including by conducting working visits to several agricultural centers. Until December 31, 2023, the availability of subsidized and non-subsidized fertilizers was recorded at 1,744,302 tons, equivalent to 236 percent of the minimum stock stipulated by the government. This stock consists of 1,215,280 tons of subsidized fertilizers and 529,022 tons of non-subsidized fertilizers.

"Pupuk Indonesia is implementing the Fertilizer Discount Festival program in line with the government's encouragement so that farmers can enjoy non-subsidized fertilizers at affordable prices and help improve agricultural productivity and the welfare of farmers. Hopefully, this program can encourage farmers to plant earlier so that we can reap success together in the April harvest," concluded Digna.

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