Government Increases Allocation of Subsidized Fertilizer for North Sumatra

  • Posted by User01
  • 14 May2024
  • 11:50WIB

Medan, May 8, 2024 – The government has set the allocation of subsidized fertilizer at 9.55 million tons for 2024. This amount is double the previously set allocation of 4.7 million tons.

Wawan Arjuna, Senior Manager of Sumbagut (Sumatra Bagian Utara / North Sumatra) at PT Pupuk Indonesia, stated that with the increase in the subsidized fertilizer allocation, the province of North Sumatra also receives additional allocation.

"The allocation for North Sumatra in 2024 for subsidized urea fertilizer has increased from 124,580 tons to 212,943 tons. NPK from 109,406 to 233,888, and NPK FK (Special Formula) from 862 to 5,979," Wawan explained.

From these amounts, Wawan continued, Pupuk Indonesia has already distributed to farmers in North Sumatra up to April 30, 2024, a total of 46,665 tons of urea, 36,791 tons of NPK, and 301 tons of NPK Special Formula.

As for the stock of subsidized fertilizer available in the producer's warehouse (Pupuk Indonesia) in North Sumatra as of May 8, 2024, it amounts to 81,421 tons.

"This stock is 300% of the set requirements. Specifically, there are 58,960 tons of urea, 21,895 tons of NPK, and 566 tons of NPK FK," detailed Wawan.

Regarding the additional allocation of subsidized fertilizer for 2024 in North Sumatra, Wawan stated that his team has conducted socialization. The socialization was carried out to all regencies/cities in North Sumatra, starting on April 30, 2024.

In the socialization, stakeholders invited included the Food Security or Agricultural Offices of the regencies/cities, the heads of distributors from each regency, retail kiosk owners, representatives from Pupuk Indonesia, and the Police.

The socialization of the additional allocation of subsidized fertilizer has been conducted in Deliserdang Regency, Medan City, Binjai City, Tebingtinggi, Serdangbedagai Regency. Subsequently, it was conducted in Toba and all of Nias.

"This socialization was conducted directly or offline. However, for regencies/cities that have not yet been covered, the socialization will be conducted online via Zoom on May 13, 2024," said Wawan.

He added that the socialization not only covered the additional allocation of subsidized fertilizer but also included training for the orderly administration of retail kiosks. This follows the issuance of the Minister of Agriculture's Decree (Kepmentan) No. 249 of 2024 and the Minister of Agriculture's Regulation (Permentan) No. 01 of 2024, regarding the amendment of Permentan No. 10 of 2024.

Under the new regulations, Wawan said, the government has decided to subsidize three types of fertilizer: Urea, NPK, and Organic. Specifically, the use of organic fertilizer is prioritized in rice-producing areas with organic C content of less than 2%.

"Pupuk Indonesia, as the state-owned enterprise mandated to produce and distribute subsidized fertilizer, is ready to distribute 9.55 million tons of subsidized fertilizer to registered farmers in 2024," concluded Wawan.

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