Pupuk Indonesia Froze Cooperation With Fraudulent Kiosk

  • Posted by User01
  • 16 November2022
  • 23:08WIB

JAKARTA (8/11) – PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) took firm action against the official kiosk after the Lampung Police disclosed that the sale of subsidized urea fertilizer was outside the provisions. The sale took place between the suspect with the initials IS, the official Bintang Jaya kiosk owner from South Lampung, to the suspect DD, a shop owner in East Lampung.
Pupuk Indonesia's VP of Regional Sales 2, Jambak, said that his party had frozen and fired the official Bintang Jaya kiosk. Because Pupuk Indonesia has never hesitated to give strict sanctions to official kiosks or distributors who are proven to have been involved in subsidized fertilizer fraud.
"Pupuk Indonesia has taken firm action by stopping the cooperation in the distribution of subsidized fertilizers to kiosks that are abusing their duties," said Jambak.
Jambak further explained that his party had coordinated with distributors so that local farmer groups could temporarily be served by other official kiosks. Thus, the process of redemption of fertilizer by registered farmers can run without interruption due to the dismissal of the official Bintang Jaya kiosk.

Based on police information, Jambak said that the owner of the Bintang Jaya kiosk in Sukadamai Village, Natar District, South Lampung Regency, sold 175 sacks of subsidized fertilizer or around 8.75 tons to the Berkah Abadi shop in IV Kedaung Hamlet, Jaya Asri Village, Metro Kibang District. , East Lampung. Apart from that, the owner of the Berkah Abadi shop also takes advantage by selling subsidized fertilizer above the Highest Retail Price (HET).

Therefore, Jambak appreciates the efforts and performance of the Lampung Police in uncovering cases of subsidized fertilizer abuse. His party admitted that he would continue to coordinate with law enforcement officials in order to improve supervision of the distribution of subsidized fertilizers,

Jambak also appealed to its entire distribution network, starting from authorized distributors and kiosks throughout Indonesia, not to try to take illegal actions in the distribution of subsidized fertilizers. Because subsidized fertilizers are goods under government supervision. So that its circulation is monitored by law enforcement officials, starting from the police, prosecutors, military, to the local government.
“The community can also participate in supervising the distribution of subsidized fertilizers. If there is anything suspicious, don't hesitate to report it to law enforcement officials," he said.
In addition, to improve governance in implementing the distribution of subsidized fertilizers to eligible farmers, Pupuk Indonesia is currently using digitalization of official kiosks by developing a Retail Management System (RMS) or what is known as the Rekan application. Currently, Rekan has been successfully tested in the Province of Bali and will reach other areas such as Aceh. If the trial is successful, Pupuk Indonesia will gradually duplicate it to other provinces.
"Rekan is a digital application that is used by official kiosks to process subsidized fertilizer distribution. This application is specifically for kiosks and has features that can be integrated with the e-RDKK database, making supervision easier," he said.

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