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Information related to the auction of goods and services procurement can also be accessed through E-Procurement which is a web-based application. This application is used to carry out end to end procurement processes (from procurement requests to payment processing) electronically and is integrated with SAP ERP. Improvements were made to increase the reliability of data integration between e-proc and SAP. E-Procurement provides various conveniences and information in relation to a more transparent and efficient procurement process.

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Procurement Guidelines

The company has a policy for the procurement of goods and services that is carried out quickly and transparently, by applying the principles of good corporate governance without any conflict of interest in the process.
In its implementation, Pupuk Indonesia always upholds the principles of honesty and independence from those who are directly or indirectly involved in the process and procedures for the procurement of goods and services.
The policy for the procurement of goods and services in Pupuk Indonesia is carried out to regulate the procurement of necessary services by taking into account the criteria; specifications, prices, quality aspects, and K3LH aspects to ensure the suitability of services, so that the process can be passed effectively and efficiently, and can be accounted for.