Committed to Ensuring Food Security in Indonesia

We provide sustainable plant nutrition and integrated agriculture solutions for farmers

Subsidized and Non-Subsidized Fertilizer Stock Data of Pupuk Indonesia Group

Pupuk Indonesia group produces and markets Urea, NPK, and various types of fertilizers.

Our fertilizer stock

Our Initiatives

Our Product & Solutions

As one of the major fertilizer producers in Asia, Pupuk Indonesia strives to provide excellent products and services to both domestic and international market. Our business portfolio also includes EPC, logistics, utilities, and trading. Pupuk Indonesia is also committed to reducing carbon emission through its green industry and decarbonization initiatives.

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Our Contribution through Research and Innovation

As part of our commitment to Indonesia's food security, we innovate continuously to develop plant nutrition and agriculture solutions.

Through intensive research and strategic collaboration with global partners, we are committed to advance agriculture in Indonesia.

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