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World Class National Company in Sustainable Agriculture Solutions

We are Pupuk Indonesia Group

PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero)is one of the largest fertilizer producer in Asia. Our group consist of fertilizer and pesticides company, chemical products company, industrial support, and logistic and trades company. We currently own the production capacity of 22 million tons per year which consist of 14 million tons of fertilizers per year, and 8.6 million tons of ammonia and other products.

Pupuk Indonesia also plays an active role by focusing on five strategic pillars, including: focus on customers, focus on research and innovation, operational excellence and supply chain, optimization and security of raw materials, as well as corporate sustainability and a circular economy.

Our Subsidiaries

Vision & Mission


"A world-class national company for sustainable plant nutrition and agricultural solutions capable of delivering economic and social impacts nationally."


  • Providing competitive plant nutrition products and agricultural solutions according to consumer needs through sustainable agricultural ecosystems throughout Indonesia.
  • Maximizing the circular economy so as to provide economic and social benefits and added value for Indonesia.
  • Support the national food security and sovereignty program.
  • Running a business by applying the latest technology that prioritizes work safety and environmental sustainability with the principles of good governance with effective risk management and supported by professional human resources.
  • Creating an innovative, collaborative and high performing culture to ensure a sustainable company.



Maintain the trust that has been given


Continue to learn and develop capabilities


Caring for each other and respecting differences


Dedicated and prioritizing the interests of the Nation


Continuing to innovate and enthusiastic in moving or facing change


Build a synergize collaboration