We have summarized some of the most common questions that our customers often ask. The following are frequently asked questions.

Untuk mengikuti magang di Pupuk Indonesia dapat menghubungi Departemen PSDM & Ketenagakerjaan melalui nomor kantor PT Pupuk Indonesia (021) 53654900 Ext. 6322 (Bpk Jauhari). Untuk magang di anggota holding, silakan menghubungi Departemen Diklat masing-masing anak perusahaan melalui nomor telepon kantor pusat.

To get subsidized fertilizer, farmers must join a farmer group and include their fertilizer needs in the Definitive Plan for Group Needs (RDKK) which is approved by the relevant agency. The RDKK is used as the basis for redemption of subsidized fertilizers at the nearest authorized kiosk. As for the provisions of farmers who are entitled to receive subsidized fertilizer through the RDKK system, namely:

  • Farmers who do farming in the field of food crops according to the area cultivated every planting season;
  • Farmers who do farming outside the field of food crops with a maximum total area of ​​2 (two) hectares per growing season; or
  • Farmers with a maximum total area of ​​1 (one) hectare per planting season.

PT Pupuk Indonesia

Jl. Taman Anggrek, Kemanggisan Jaya, Jakarta 11480
(62-21) 536 54900, 548 1755

The requirements to become a fertilizer distribution service partner include:

  1. Companies that meet the provisions of laws and regulations to carry out business/activities as Service Providers according to the Job Name
  2. Company or Business Entity that has a Vessel with a capacity of > 25,000 Tons suitable for fertilizer transportation operations as evidenced by the original Grosse Deed (for sea transportation distribution services)
  3. Companies that have SIUPAL from the authorities and have Protection and Indemnity Insurance (P&I Insurance). (for sea transportation distribution services)
  4. A company with at least 2 years of experience transporting similar commodities (dry bulk) at least 100,000 Tons/Year proven by a contract and has a good reputation (for sea transportation distribution services)
  5. Company or Business Entity that has a suitable truck for fertilizer transportation operations as evidenced by a STNK/BPKB (for land transportation distribution services)
  6. Companies that have SIUP and TDP from the authorities (for land transportation distribution services).
  7. Participate in the distribution service auction of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Group)
For further information, please contact the relevant parties via the head office telephone number as follows:

PT Petrokimia Gresik:
Distribution Department Region I and Region II

PT Pupuk Kaltim
Distribution Department

PT Pusri Palembang
Marketing Logistics Department

PT Pupuk Kujang
Marketing Department

PT Pupuk Iskandar Muda
Logistics Department

Or contact the Logistics & Distribution Department of PT Pupuk Indonesia (021) 53654900 Ext. 6210, Ext. 6211 or Ext 8812.

Non-subsidized fertilizers are available in factory warehouses and in certain area sales warehouses.

PT Petrokimia Gresik:
  1. Terms of purchase: for new distributors, a minimum purchase of 25 tons. For existing distributors, the purchase can be less than 25 tons.
  2. Submit a purchase application letter which is equipped with SIUP, NPWP, TDP, company deed (existing distributors need only submit purchase requests).
  3. Sending documents to the PKG Corporate Fertilizer Sales Department Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 1 Gresik .No Tel. (031) 3981811 ext 2622, 2754, 2253, 2913.
  4. After the PO is approved, the buyer makes the payment.
  5. PKG serves FOT/FOB purchases (goods delivered at the producer's warehouse), CFR (goods delivered at the buyer's destination port), and Franco (goods delivered at the buyer's warehouse).
PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur:
  1. Submit a purchase application letter which is equipped with SIUP, NPWP, TDP, SKPKP, company deed (existing distributors only submit purchase applications)
  2. Sending documents to the Marketing Department of PKT Fertilizer Jl. James Simanjuntak No. 1 Bontang .No Tel. (0548) 41202 ext 5801 or (0548) 41192 3. After the PO is approved, the buyer makes the payment. PKT only serves FOT/FOB purchases, meaning that the goods are picked up by the buyer at the PKT warehouse in Bontang
PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang:
  1. Submit a purchase request accompanied by a deed, SIUP, TDP, NPWP, SKF, company financial statements, and a list of supply plans.
  2. Sending documents to the PSP NonPSO Sales Department in Palembang. Phone number. (0711) 712111 ext 3509.
  3. After the PO is approved, the buyer makes the payment.
  4. PSP only serves FOT/FOB purchases, meaning that the goods are picked up by the buyer at the PSP warehouse in Palembang. PT Pupuk Kujang Cikampek: Existing distributor : send PO to office
PT Pupuk Kujang Cikampek:

Old distributors: Submits a PO document

New distributors:
  1. Prospective buyers submit Company Data, NPWP, SKPKP, and contact person. The data will be verified by the CCP sales team.
  2. Once registered, the buyer submits a PO document. The documents were submitted to the Non-PSO Sales Department of PT Pupuk Kujang in Cikampek. Telephone number (62-264) 314336340 ext. 2743.
  3. After the PO is approved, the buyer makes the payment.
  4. PKC only serves FOT purchases, meaning that the goods are picked up by the buyer at the PKC warehouse in Cikampek. For retail non-subsidized fertilizers (maximum packaging weight of 5 kg per bag), consumers can buy directly at the PKC office in Cikampek as well as at distributors and retailers.
PT Pupuk Iskandar Muda:
  1. Send a letter of request for a minimum purchase of 25 tons
  2. Sending PO documents to the Marketing Compartment of PT PIM, Jl. Medan-Banda Aceh PO BOX 21 Krueng Geukueh, North Aceh, Tel (0645) 56222 ext 4240 or (0645) 56700. Email: kaswani@pim.co.id After the PO is approved, the buyer makes the payment PIM serves FOT/FOB, CFR and Franco purchases
To find out information about E-Procurement, please contact the Procurement Department office number PT Pupuk Indonesia (021) 5365 4900 Ext. 5240, 5231, 5241.

Supplier Requirements:

  1. In the form of a business entity, not an individual.
  2. Licensing documents (company deed, NPWP, SIUP, TDP, SPPKP, HO/IG, TDG, AMDAL/UKL-UPL/SPPL, bank account)
  3. Able to carry out the provisions of PT Pupuk Indonesia
  4. Have a mini lab for analysis of raw material quality (C-Organic and Moisture Content)


  1. Submit an application to the fertilizer producer member holding PT Pupuk Indonesia accompanied by an explanation of the source, type and amount of raw materials.
  2. Administrative evaluation and site survey by PT Pupuk Indonesia
  3. After fulfilling these two conditions, PT Pupuk Indonesia provides the results of an evaluation of the needs of the factory in the area for submitting potential partners
  4. Delivery of raw material sampling by partners to be analyzed by PKG/Subsidiary of PIHC to make “Consumption Rate”
  5. Performance test of partner factories by using consumption rate.

Factory Requirements:

  1. Submission of the location according to the domicile of the company
  2. Close to potential market
  3. Close to the source of raw materials and enough available throughout the year (Min. 2 types of raw materials)
  4. The factory has a minimum land & building area of ​​6,000 m2
  5. The location of the factory is far from residential areas (≥ ± 2 Km)
  6. The factory access road can be passed by trucks with a capacity of 16 tons (double ankle trucks).
  7. Have access to electricity and water networks.
  8. Guarantee of supply and availability of raw materials (contracts with suppliers).
  9. Guaranteed availability of electricity (there is proof of submission of electricity connection to PLN).
  10. Guaranteed environmental permit (The existence of HO accompanied by evidence of community approval).

Please contact customer service as follows:

PT Pupuk Indonesia:

  • Toll Free : 0-800-100-8001
  • SMS : 0822 100 10081
  • Fax : (021) 806 47955
  • Email : marketing@pupuk-indonesia.com

PT Petrokimia Gresik

  • Toll Free: 0-800-1-888-777 / 0-800-1-636-363
  • SMS: 0811 344 774
  • Email: consumer@petrokimia-gresik.com