Pupuk Indonesia Niaga Supports Reducing Stunting Rates in Kalibata

  • Posted by AdminME
  • 21 June2024
  • 14:13WIB

Accelerating the reduction of stunting among children under five is the Government's priority program as stated in the 2020-2024 RPJMN. The national target is that by 2024, the prevalence of stunting will fall to 14%.

Likewise, Kalibata Village as one of the sub-districts in South Jakarta is not free from this problem where currently there are 20 (twenty) stunted toddlers.

The treatment stages that have been programmed are to fulfill nutrition through providing nutritious food to improve the status of toddlers according to the direction of the nutritionist at the Kalibata Village Health Center.

Head of Kalibata Subdistrict - South Jakarta, Herman explained, "The Stunting Toddler Alleviation Program is our effort to reduce and prevent the increase in stunting rates among toddlers in our area." This program is a follow-up to the decision of the Mayor of the South Jakarta Administrative City regarding the Determination of Focus Location Villages (LOKUS) for Reducing and Preventing Integrated Stunting in the South Jakarta Administrative City in 2024 and 2025, where Kalibata Village is one of the Villages that is the Focus Location (LOKUS) Program Reducing and preventing stunted toddlers in the South Jakarta Administrative City area in 2024 and 2025.

Through the Corporate Environmental Social Responsibility program, PT Pupuk Indonesia Niaga is here to support the program launched by Kalibata Village to collaborate in solving the problem of stunting in Kalibata Village with the aim of raising the status of stunted toddlers to healthy toddlers with balanced nutrition and no more stunting toddlers in Kalibata Village in future.

The agenda for stunting handling activities includes improving the quality of posyandu as well as interventions to provide food and vitamins for stunted toddlers. The food menu is supervised by Kalibata Village Health Center nutritionists and prepared by cadres (volunteers) in the area.

Corporate Secretary of PI Niaga, Shinta Martani explained, "PI Niaga supports stunting management activities in Kalibata Village where the program includes detecting nutritional problems, providing stunting prevention education to all targets, as well as providing immediate intervention for those who have nutritional problems."

The first stage is to provide equipment packages to each posyandu and the next stage is to make scheduled visits to the homes of stunted toddlers and involve nutrition cadres (volunteers) whose job is to ensure that the food given is finished by the stunted toddlers. "Our shared task is to prepare a healthy generation by consuming balanced nutrition. "And we hope that with this collaboration, good nutrition for toddlers, especially in the Kalibata Subdistrict area, will soon be realized," added Shinta.

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