Production of Pupuk Indonesia Group 18.84 Million Tons in 2022

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  • 5 January2023
  • 19:36WIB

JAKARTA (4/1) - PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) recorded a total production of 18,842,442 tons (unaudited) during 2022. This figure consists of fertilizer and non-fertilizer products with respective achievements of 11,764,234 tons of fertilizer and 7,078,208 tons non fertilizer.

Main Director of Pupuk Indonesia Bakir Pasaman said that the total fertilizer production consisted of 7,467,190 tons of urea and 3,392,704 tons of NPK, 172,878 tons of SP-36, 718,270 tons of ZA, 13,192 tons of ZK. Then, non-fertilizer production consisted of 5,957,455 tons of ammonia, 889,042 tons of sulfuric acid, 222,388 tons of phosphoric acid, 9,323 tons of AlF3.

"This is the result of the hard work of the Pupuk Indonesia Group personnel, one of which is by implementing a maintenance excellence management system and a digital fertilizer system to monitor all aspects of factory performance support and support production performance such as increasing raw material efficiency and maintenance costs, increasing reliability to reduce shutdown rates at factory," said the Main Director of Pupuk Indonesia Bakir in his statement.

The total production of this fertilizer comes from PT Petrokimia Gresik, PT Pupuk Kujang Cikampek, PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur, PT Pupuk Iskandar Muda, PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang. "The board of directors of Pupuk Indonesia would like to thank all Pupuk Indonesia employees, because this achievement is due to the hard work of Pupuk Indonesia group personnel who always keep the factory operating optimally," he added.

The Pupuk Indonesia Group's total production achievement in 2022, according to Bakir, is because the company is able to ensure factory reliability, raw material supply guarantees, and distribution reliability both in terms of raw materials and products amid global economic uncertainty.

Meanwhile, the Pupuk Indonesia Group production plan for 2023 is estimated at 19.44 million tons consisting of 12.30 million tons of fertilizer production and 7.14 tons of non-fertilizer production. If you look at it, the numbers are able to meet the need for subsidized fertilizers in 2023.

Based on Minister of Agriculture Decree No. 734 of 2022, the total allocation of subsidized fertilizers in 2023 is set at 9,013,706 tons consisting of 5,570,330 tons of urea fertilizer, 3,232,373 tons of NPK, and 211,003 tons of special formula (cocoa) NPK. In terms of price, the Highest Retail Price (HET) is set at IDR 2,250 per kg for urea fertilizer, IDR 2,300 per kg for NPK fertilizer, and IDR 3,300 per kg for cocoa NPK or also known as the NPK formula. special.

In terms of distribution, Pupuk Indonesia has distributed 7,401,896 tons (unaudited) of subsidized fertilizer throughout 2022 or the equivalent of 95 percent of the total allocation set by the government. The total fertilizer distributed consisted of 3,888,479 tons of urea, 2,895,622 tons of NPK, 163,467 tons of SP-36, 220,439 tons of ZA, and 233,889 tons of organic.

"As a producer and distributor of subsidized fertilizers, Pupuk Indonesia distributes subsidized fertilizers in accordance with applicable regulations and has appealed to all distributor networks and official kiosks to distribute subsidized fertilizers based on the figures in the local Agriculture Service Decree," said Bakir.

The distribution of subsidized fertilizer by the company, said Bakir, is supported by distribution facilities such as nine ships, around 6,151 trucks, a distributor network of around a thousand units and more than 28,000 units of Fertilizer Kiosks (KPL). All of these facilities will also be an effort for Pupuk Indonesia to welcome the distribution of subsidized fertilizers in 2023.

Bakir further revealed that Pupuk Indonesia had signed a Sales Purchase Agreement (SPJB) for subsidized fertilizers for the 2023 fiscal year, at least 1,013 distributors committed to distribute subsidized fertilizers. "We are targeting optimal distribution to be close to 100 percent of the allocation issued by the government. Pupuk Indonesia asks for the commitment of all distribution partners for their cooperation," he said.

Pupuk Indonesia also appealed to all distributors to apply the digitization system that has been developed and implemented by Pupuk Indonesia, namely the Partner Application. This system can support the implementation of the distribution of subsidized fertilizers to run optimally and according to the 6 (six) principles of Right, namely right quality, right amount, right type, right price, right time and right place.

In terms of nationally subsidized fertilizer stocks, it was recorded as reaching 811,998 tons as of January 3, 2023, this figure is equivalent to 264 percent or sufficient to meet fertilizer needs for the next three weeks or in accordance with applicable regulations. The details of subsidized fertilizer stocks available in line III consist of 495,647 tons of Urea and 316,351 tons of NPK.

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