Allocation of Subsidized Fertilizer in East Java Increases by 956,227 Tons, Reaching 1,920,074 Tons

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  • 14 May2024
  • 11:50WIB

Surabaya, May 13, 2024 – PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) held a socialization event in Surabaya, East Java, to inform farmers, kiosk owners, distributors, and agricultural departments about the increased allocation of subsidized fertilizer. The government has set the subsidized fertilizer allocation at 9.55 million tons, doubling from the previous 4.7 million tons.

Tri Wahyudi Saleh, Marketing Director of Pupuk Indonesia, stated that the increase in the subsidized fertilizer allocation is outlined in the Minister of Agriculture Decree (Kepmentan) No. 249 of 2024 and the Minister of Agriculture Regulation (Permentan) No. 01 of 2024, amending Permentan No. 10 of 2022.

“The government has decided to increase the volume of subsidized fertilizer for the 2024 fiscal year from 4.7 million tons to 9.55 million tons. This policy needs to be widely and massively disseminated so that registered farmers can know and benefit from it. Additionally, the distribution and delivery process of the additional volume of subsidized fertilizer must be well supervised,” Tri explained.

This socialization event was a collaboration between Pupuk Indonesia, the Ministry of Agriculture, the East Java Agricultural Department, the Ombudsman, and the POLRI Anti-Corruption Prevention Task Force. According to Kepmentan No. 249 of 2024, the government has allocated 9.55 million tons of subsidized fertilizer. This allocation covers four types of fertilizers: Urea, NPK, NPK Special Formula, and the newly included Organic fertilizer. The additional allocation includes 4,634,626 tons for Urea, 4,278,504 tons for NPK, 136,870 tons for NPK Special Formula, and 500,000 tons for Organic fertilizer.

In East Java specifically, the government has set an allocation of 1,920,074 tons, an increase of 956,227 tons from the previous allocation of 963,847 tons. The total allocation includes 981,730 tons of Urea (up from 574,347 tons), 832,370 tons of NPK (up from 389,357 tons), 986 tons of NPK Special Formula (up from 143 tons), and 104,998 tons of Organic fertilizer.

To ensure the smooth distribution of subsidized fertilizer in the 39 regencies/cities in East Java, Pupuk Indonesia has prepared several supporting facilities, including 66 Line III warehouses, 188 distributors with 5,875 kiosk/retailer networks, and 89 field officers who will ensure that all eligible farmers receive subsidized fertilizer according to regulations. The subsidized fertilizer allocation will be distributed to 3.4 million farmers throughout East Java.

In line with the establishment of Permentan No. 01 of 2024 and Kepmentan No. 249 of 2024, Pupuk Indonesia ensures stock availability at all levels to support this policy. As of May 10, 2024, the national stock of subsidized fertilizer is recorded at 2.1 million tons, or 222 percent of the minimum requirement set by the government. In East Java, the available stock is 189,666 tons, or 535 percent of the minimum stock requirement.

As for distribution, by May 10, 2024, Pupuk Indonesia has successfully distributed 1.93 million tons of subsidized fertilizer, or 20.3 percent of the total national allocation of 9.55 million tons. The details include 1.12 million tons of Urea and 809,073 tons of NPK. In East Java, 227,343 tons have been distributed by the end of March 2024, consisting of 139,139 tons of Urea, 88,198 tons of NPK, and 6 tons of NPK Special Formula.

Furthermore, the additional allocation of subsidized fertilizer can be utilized by registered farmers or those meeting the criteria as per Permentan No. 01 of 2024, which includes being part of a Farmer Group and registered in the electronic definitive group needs plan (e-RDKK). This subsidized fertilizer is intended for farmers engaged in the agricultural subsectors such as rice, corn, and soybeans, as well as horticultural crops like chili, shallots, and garlic, and plantation subsectors like sugarcane, cocoa, and coffee.

For these types of farming, the criteria set a maximum cultivated land area of 2 hectares, including farmers who are part of the Village Community Forest Institutions (LMDH), in accordance with regulatory provisions. Under the new regulations, the Electronic Definitive Group Needs Plan (e-RDKK) can be evaluated every four months within the current year. Thus, farmers who have not received an allocation can enter the registration process during the ongoing evaluation.

Additionally, this event served to inform subsidized fertilizer recipient farmers that the additional allocation can be easily redeemed using their Identity Card (KTP) at official kiosks. The redemption process is facilitated by the i-Pubers (Integrated Subsidized Fertilizer) application, which allows kiosk owners to verify data by scanning the farmer’s original KTP, ensuring that eligible farmers can easily obtain the subsidized fertilizer.

“We hope that all participants, especially the farmer group leaders attending the subsidized fertilizer policy socialization event, can educate about the additional subsidy allocation for the 2024 fiscal year. We also hope that farmers can easily redeem subsidized fertilizer using their KTP. Kiosk staff will be ready to assist and oversee the redemption process so that subsidized fertilizer can be utilized by eligible farmers as per regulations,” concluded Tri.

It is noted that the socialization event on the subsidized fertilizer allocation increase, held at the Westin Hotel in Surabaya, East Java, was attended by approximately 350 participants, including heads of agricultural departments at the regency/city level in East Java Province, district verification teams in East Java Province, distributors, representatives of kiosk/retail owners, and representatives of farmer group leaders in East Java Province

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