Announcement! The Government Will Now Update Data on Subsidized Fertilizer Recipients Every Four Months

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  • 7 June2024
  • 09:14WIB

Jakarta, June 6, 2024 - The government has announced that it will now update the data for the Definitive Plan for Group Needs (RDKK) every four months. The first update period will start from June 5 to June 18, 2024. This provides an opportunity for farmers who have not been able to receive subsidized fertilizers because they were not included in the 2024 RDKK to register by contacting the agricultural extension officers in their respective districts. This information was conveyed by the Director of Marketing of Pupuk Indonesia, Tri Wahyudi Saleh, in Jakarta on Thursday (June 6, 2024).

Tri Wahyudi emphasized that one of the key points of the amendment to the Minister of Agriculture Regulation (Permentan) Number 10 of 2022 to Permentan 01/2024 is that the RDKK data can be evaluated within the current year or every four months. Under the previous regulation, this data could not be changed within the same year.

"The update scheduled until June 18 is the first update. This is an opportunity for farmers who are not yet in the RDKK to get included. Therefore, contact the nearest extension officer in each district immediately," reiterated Tri Wahyudi.

To be listed in the RDKK and become a beneficiary of subsidized fertilizers, according to Permentan 01/2024, farmers must cultivate a maximum of 2 hectares of land and be members of a Farmer Group (Poktan). Farmers must also be engaged in the cultivation of paddy, corn, and soybeans in the food crop subsector, chili peppers, shallots, and garlic in the horticulture subsector, and sugarcane, cocoa, and coffee in the plantation subsector.

He added that the current RDKK update not only inputs farmers who were previously not included in the RDKK but also allows farmers to add land area and fertilizers for specific planting seasons that were not previously included in the RDKK.

"For these two changes, there will be a tiered verification and approval process, up to the local head of the agricultural office," said Tri Wahyudi.

The next update involves increasing the fertilizer volume for existing NIKs (National Identification Numbers) that have been registered, up to the maximum recommended dosage. The final update is for updating the volume of organic fertilizers for existing NIKs according to the recommended dosage for the area.

"Permentan 01/2024 also adds organic fertilizers back into the subsidy scheme. Previously, only Urea, NPK, and special NPK formulations for cocoa were subsidized," he said.

Furthermore, Tri Wahyudi explained that the government also facilitates the process of redeeming subsidized fertilizers. Farmers only need to visit the kiosks and bring their ID cards. If farmers are unable to visit the kiosks for transactions, redemption can be represented by family members or farmer groups with a power of attorney.

The policy changes in Permentan 01/2024 make it easier for elderly farmers or those with transportation issues who cannot visit the kiosks. It also provides a solution for farmers who have shifted their land.

To further facilitate redemption, Pupuk Indonesia is also equipping kiosks with the iPubers application. This application is the result of synergy between Pupuk Indonesia and the Ministry of Agriculture. Tri Wahyudi stated that the convenience obtained by farmers is due to Pupuk Indonesia improving the system in kiosks through the iPubers application.

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