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Research & Development and Innovation Driven is one of the important strategic pillars and continues to be strengthened as Pupuk Indonesia's long-term plan. Research activities are important to support sustainable business performance. In the Company's environment, the research developed has led to the basis of market needs by synergizing between holding and Subsidiaries to related work units.

Research and development activities are carried out actively and managed, both centrally and collaboratively with other research institutions.

Indonesia Fertilizer Research Institute (IFRI)

Pupuk Indonesia Group believes that research can provide added value, so the Company provides a large space for research development through the centralization of the research function with the establishment of the Indonesia Fertilizer Research Institute (IFRI) on November 9, 2020 in conjunction with the centralization of the holding function. IFRI is under the Director of Business Transformation and in its operations is assisted by the Advisory Board.


Strategic Pillars - R&D Innovation Driven

  • Develop Customer Centric R&D and products that meet the nutritional needs of plants.
  • Develop agricultural solutions (Agro Solution) as an effort to create engagement with consumers.
  • Building a research institute and carrying out market research and policy advocacy.
  • Strengthening R&D Operating Model and solid organization.

Partnership In Research

Mitra Riset

IFRI runs strategic partnerships based on increasing competitiveness with a product-market fit approach. We have run partnerships with various research institutions, universities, and corporations, both state-owned and private, national and international.

IFRI is a member of the BUMN Research Institute Food and Fertilizer Cluster collaboration, namely the Indonesia Food and Fertilizer Research Institute (IFFRI), which was inaugurated on June 16, 2021.

Featured Research

Pupuk Indonesia’s leading research consists of three main groups, namely Product Development, Policy Research, and Technology Process. The three groups support each other to realize an environmentally friendly precision farming system as a manifestation of the Company's vision and mission. Our existing research program has three integrated themes, namely Precision Agriculture, Enhanced-efficiency Fertilizer, and Sustainable Agriculture.

Our Research Results

Product Research

Product Design & Description

  • Nitralite, NS macro fertilizer containing: N : 25 %, S : 9 %, and Ca
  • Purple granules shaped
  • Trademark registration no. D002018023425
  • Distribution permit issued December 3, 2018 : SIE No. 814.OL/Kpts/SR.320/B/12/2018 SIE No. 814.OL/Kpts/SR.320/B/12/2018
  • Derived from a mixture of urea, gypsum, and ZA
  • It has been tested on 6 crop commodities (potatoes, shallots, sugar cane, rice, corn, and oil palm)
Our Research Results


Benefits of Nitralite

  • Increase crop productivity
  • Reduce the frequency of fertilization doses on potatoes (usually 3 times to 2 times)
  • Improves the aroma and color of onion bulbs compared to without Nitralite
  • Increase the homogeneity of tuber size in potatoes, and tubers are not hollow
  • Increase the marketable grade of potatoes

Digital Research

Digital Transformation of National Oil Palm Plantation

Transformasi Digital
Palm oil is very responsive to agro inputs, especially proper fertilization


Precision Agriculture Platform for Oil Palm

  • PreciPalm, is an application system for fertilization recommendations and monitoring the condition of plant nutrition based on Precision Agriculture using satellite imagery in oil palm plantations – a solution to increase fertilization efficiency and optimize agricultural productivity.
  • PreciPalm uses the Sentinel 2 satellite to obtain satellite imagery in the form of a real-time map of the nutrient content of plants N, P and K, and then processed to produce fertilizer dosage recommendations.

Field Test Observations

Location Amount Survey Date
PTPN 5 Kebun Sei Galuh Inti 125 13 Juli 2018
PT. Bima Palma Nugraha 125 22 – 26 Agustus 2018
PTPN 5 Kebun Tandun 36 2 Februari 2019
PTPN 7 Kebun Bekri 36 4 Februari 2019
Kebun Penelitian Dan Percobaan IPB Jonggol 30 6 Februari 2019
PTPN 3 Kebun Rambutan 36 4 April 2019
PTPN 3 Kebun Sisumut 36 5 April 2019
PT. Kalimantan Agro Nusantara 120 13 Maret 2020
Membangun model pendugaan nutrisi. Nutrisi (N,P,K) = f(Band1,Band2,Band3,…,Band12)
Building a nutrients forecast model. Nutrients (N,P,K) = f(Band1,Band2,Band3,…,Band12)

Fertinnovation Challenge

IFRI held the Pupuk Indonesia Fertinnovation Challenge 2021 event, which is PTPI's platform in reaching out and exploring various innovations. The Fertinnovation Challenge provides an open competition for all disciplines and is divided into 3 categories such as Precision Agricultural Innovation, Agricultural Value Chain Innovation and Fertilizer Production System Innovation. A total of 334 students who took part in the competition came from 32 universities in Indonesia.

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